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One size doesn't fit all

I understand in today’s modern world that a single approach to weightloss does not suit everyone.
At WeightMatters, I have developed a simple to follow plan with options to suit all walks of life within a supportive environment.


Instead of focusing on confusing points, sins or banned food systems, my weight loss programme focuses purely on calorie intake. This innovative and straightforward approach allows total flexibility.

Simple System

WeightMatters with Jenny offers individuals a supportive, collaborative weight loss system that strips weight loss back to its simplest terms. Instead of focusing on confusing points, sins or banned food systems, Jenny’s weight loss programme focuses purely on calorie intake. This innovative and straightforward approach allows total flexibility.

No Food Banning

I don’t advocate cutting out certain foods, or advise that clients risk their health by advocating the total avoidance of entire food groups, instead, WeightMatters with Jenny allows clients to eat their favourite foods while equipping them with the tools and resources to accurately monitor their calorie intake.

Your Options

Lose weight your way

Support within the comfort of your own home

Time for you to live the life you deserve

Incorporate your weightloss & wellbeing into your working day

Confidentiality is the priority for my 121 clients

My Approach

I believe that you the WeightMatters member should play an active part in choosing your own final target weight. I also understand that while Body Mass Index is recognised as important, it often acts as a de-motivator rather than a motivator as the prescribed target weight often feels totally unachievable. At WeightMatters therefore, the approach is about individual goal setting and destination weight achieved to personal satisfaction.



KellyAnne Online member

Pretty pleased with myself, from a health perspective I feel great, my joints don’t ache, I’ve no wheeze and I can now talk and walk!!!!!


G. Bailieborough

I feel great I would not have half stone off if I hadn’t come back to class


AR Online

This can be a lonely journey but with Jenny’s support & encouragement, patience, tips & advice, I feel there’s only good results ahead.

Gillian Online & Class

Jenny acts as my guardian angel, always there looking out for me and reminding me to make the best decisions on the toughest of days-I’d be lost without this support network!

Maisie 1 2 1

I love the warm welcome and relaxed atmosphere and the encouragement whether I have lost or gained weight.

Meryl Bailieborough

I feel like a new person. The complements I’m  getting regarding my weight loss are suberb. Its thanks to Jenny and WeightMatters I’d say.

Mairead Online


I find the support great. l just have to step on the scales and pop the result into my profile. Jenny is always  there to remind me and offer words of encouragement.l have access to WhatsApp and can still feel part of the WeightMatters community.

Ciara Kingscourt class

I feel a great sense of achievement and also determination to keep up this journey. I have more energy and confidence. As someone who suffers with anxiety the small intimate classes are great as its not overwhelming and everyone is so supportive. I also feel that from loosing weight and knowing that I’m on this journey is also helping my anxiety as im not as self conscious as I had been previously. Thank you so much for all your guidance it really has been life changing. .

“Lose Weight Your Way”

Be part of it……

Best of all, we create a community of motivated weight loss enthusiasts who are passionate about finally losing that extra weight. By harnessing the power of a community, WeightMatters with Jenny empowers individuals to be accountable for their weight loss, whilst offering the support, guidance and understanding of a friendly, sympathetic group. When you’ve tried all the other weight loss trends without success, prepare yourself for some real results, join WeightMatters with Jenny.

About Me

Jenny O’Brien Kinsella is a native of County Cavan where she still lives and works. Following her own weight loss of 5 stone and dramatic lifestyle changes over 20 years ago, Jenny has gone on to work in and build-up 19 years of professional experience in weight management.


“I have written a publication entitled “What Matters Most” which has helpful hints and tips and some sample recipes for each category of weight loss.


This has proven to be a vital handheld companion to my members since its launch. I have also devised 4 different “Mood and Food diaries” which help the members keep track of their week in one easy book. There are also some fun elements included in these books such as colouring etc.


All of these books are available to buy or download for free when you sign up to my programme.

What my members say

Louise St Pats

Jenny is fantastic. I have just finished my 6wks and I am delighted to have lost 7lb in this time. I am feeling alot better in myself even though I still have a bit more to go. But thanks to Jenny and her recipe ideas, emails, the WhatsApp group,  the weekly group meetings I can do it. Slowly but surely with little changes.

Catherine Class & Online

The non judgmental support.It’s a meeting where you walk out the door smiling after the sharing of fun stories and the witty banter.Then there is your great sense of positivity.Like yesterday you openly speak it as it is but in such a fun way . We all shared your pain, I just love that ability you have to deal with life . You are not shocked at any stories clients are experiencing, you listen and then make a few helpful suggestions.

Dara 1 2 1

Your bubbly persuasive personality makes me believe that I can do it !

Therese Cootehill

Nobody can lose weight for you, but join WeightMatters and you can expect an ally in Jenny. Group meetings, individual consults, online help and throw in the odd surprise special guest or maybe a little competition, Jenny uses a multitude of incentives to motivate you on your journey. Only a phone call away, this lady will dedicate herself to helping you stay the course should you choose to join WeightMatters.

Marie Online member

So glad I joined it’s really a stress free way of life and I love it 😍

Aisling Virginia meeting

I wouldn’t be here at my target weight without you buzzing in my ear!!

Pam Online

I’m loving the Online option! No stress over childcare but yet I’m accountable!!! How many months have I spent at classes trying to lose 5lbs!!!!!

Marie Online

Before WeightMatters I had tried everything to no avail. For me Jenny’s plan is easy to do, everything is geared towards helping you. It’s the first plan where I don’t feel restricted and then panic and go to the fridge. I love the plan the inspiration and help from the WhatApp group and Jenny’s mails and texts. They make me acknowledge the high risk foods before I eat it and she has great way of making you visualise your own goals with very witty ideas of weight loss and how to get there. I feel calm and my mindset is to start everyday new and try my best…regardless of days previous. Even when I gained I did not feel like a failure Jenny gave me the reset capability to move forward positively 😍😍

Jean Cavan class

I love the feeling of camaraderie and inclusion in the class Jenny, and the way no matter how far you’ve fallen off the wagon your always welcomed back. I also love your realness Jenny, your not perfect and up there on a pedestal, you allow the class to see you have struggles just like the rest of us…

Gordon Cootehill class

The most important thing I have learned is being more mindful of what I eat especially comfort snacks .

Collette Cavan class

I like the meeting for getting tips on what to eat & listening to other people’s ideas.

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