Lose Weight Your Way

I'm here to support you.

Lose Weight Your Way

I'm here to support you.

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Welcome to WeightMatters

Having taken the journey myself, losing five stone 20 years ago and maintaining this weight loss over that time, I know and understand what is needed for you to achieve your own personal goals. I have devised a programme which promotes sustainable weight loss where support and encouragement are of key importance.


We offer 2 options to suit your requirements:

Customised to suit your lifestyle

I understand in today’s modern world that a single approach to weight loss does not suit everyone. At WeightMatters, I have developed a simple weight loss plan with recipe options to suit all walks of life within a supportive environment. Instead of focusing on confusing points, sins or banned food systems, my weight loss programme focuses purely on calorie intake.
This innovative and straightforward approach allows total flexibility for your weight loss journey.

Be part of it...

Best of all, WeightMatters offers you an Online community of motivated people who are passionate about finally losing that extra weight.

The programme is tailored so you can make healthier food choices and enjoy doing so. It’s about making simple changes that you can carry with you, over the long-term, giving you sustainable weight loss together with lifelong strategies for healthy eating and living for you and your family. This, in my opinion is the best way to lose weight.

When you’ve tried all the other weight loss trends without success, prepare yourself for some real results - join WeightMatters with Jenny.

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