Individual Weight Loss Support

Here's what you get as part of the 1-2-1 programme:

Extra Support

Jenny will be dedicated to your specific needs and goals in your weekly 1-2-1 meeting. That's 24/7 support from Jenny as well as connecting each week privately online.


You'll receive weekly tips and tricks as well as monthly calorie-counted recipes and inspiration. Over 250+ recipes available to members


With a more personalised approach that is tailored to your specific needs and goals, you will see better results. 

€180 for 5 Weeks

With NO sign up fees!

  • Accountability for your actions and their effects on your weight loss
  • Guidance and support tailored to your personal situation
  • Empowering your mindset towards a healthier lifestyle

1-2-1 weight loss support with Jenny is a more personalised approach to weight loss that may be more effective than group support. When you work with Jenny 1-2-1, you have someone dedicated to your specific needs and goals. Jenny will tailor the programme to your own individual needs and give you customised guidance and support.

This type of support can help you identify and overcome the real obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your target. You will also face more accountability and receive the motivation you need to stay on track. 




What’s included in your membership?

  • Weekly online private consultation with Jenny at at time that suits you
  • Personal weightloss progress chart
  • Access to my resource material (downloadable)
  • Specific hints & tips (Videos & document format)
  • Meal Plans
  • Calorie Counted Recipes (250+)
  • Structured challenges to help you overcome a weight loss plateau
  • Seasonal helpful Videos
  • Access to the WhatsApp chat with other WeightMatters members
  • Downloadable weekly shopping planner
  • 24/7 Support from Jenny 
  • Access the weekly WeightMatters Live group meetings

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