Meet Jenny

My Story

I am a native of County Cavan where I still live and work.

Following my own weight loss of 5 Stone and dramatic lifestyle changes over 20 years ago, I have gone on to work in and build-up 19 years of professional experience in weight management.


I have devised my own unique weight management programme WeightMatters with Jenny so that you too can efficiently lose weight and begin feeling your best again. WeightMatters is conscious of the busy lifestyle and schedule that people lead nowadays so therefore provides weight loss meal plans to coincide with this.

The programme is tailored so you can make healthier food choices and enjoy doing so. It’s about making simple changes that you can carry with you, over the long-term, giving you sustainable weight loss together with lifelong strategies for healthy eating and living for you and your family. This, in my opinion is the best way to lose weight.

My Weight Loss Ethos

I believe healthy habits and lifestyle changes happen over a period of time and won’t happen easily. Health and wellness is a journey and not a destination. This is why in WeightMatters I constantly encourage you to continue to believe in yourself and your ability to lose weight for good. To gain weight doesn’t mean you are a failure, it’s means you are trying.

It’s my belief healthy eating shouldn’t be difficult, but there may be times when you find it harder to make healthy choices or stick to your goals. That’s also fine, like anything new, healthy eating is a learning process. If you’ve eaten in a certain way for a long time, it will take a bit of adjusting and there will be times when it may feel easier to go back to your old habits.

Being mindful of what you are eating plays a large part in losing weight, this is why I am an advocate of eating in a relaxed atmosphere with no distractions such as phones, t.v or newspapers. Pay particular attention to each bite that you eat and listening to your tummies signals of satiety and satisfaction.

Once you’ve decided what changes you need to make to your diet and feel ready to make them it can be really helpful to set yourself goals.

Goals help you focus on making realistic changes that will make a difference to your lifestyle and will be personal to you. That means that you’re more likely to achieve them.

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