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Attending your weekly class will give you a sense of community. Each and every member is there for the same reason, to lose weight. So there is a support network ready and waiting to offer their experiences and share their tips with you. The social aspect of attending class is vital to some members also. Members such as retired people and new mums find the class can give
their week a little structure if things are quiet for them socially. You also get to build up a relationship with your leader and identify as part of a group.

Have you tried to manage your weight by yourself at home and feel you are getting nowhere?
Do you need the accountability of standing before me and my scales?
Would you enjoy a friendly and supportive meeting with a cuppa?
My Class programme is just what you need.
Lose weight for yourself, not by yourself!
What’s included in your membership?
• Personal weightloss progress chart
• Access to my resource material (downloadable)
• Specific hints & tips (Videos & document format)
• Meal Plans
• Calorie Counted Recipes
• Structured challenges to help you overcome a weight loss plateau
• Seasonal helpful Videos
• Access to an online chat forum with other WeightMatters members
• Downloadable weekly shopping planner
• Support from Jenny at all times via several different mediums.


What is the Fee?
€60 per participant for six week session. Optional starter pack available.
How do I pay?
Full payment is required in advance and collected at the first meeting.
Card and cash payments are accepted.



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