Diamond Membership

Diamond Membership

When you start out with WeightMatters, you choose a comfortable weight for you and your body.

I feel it is best that you choose this weight, as only you know what is best for you. I can of course make recommendations towards your decision, if you feel you need advice.

This weight is then used as a target which we work towards together. When you reach this goal, you then become a WeightMatters Diamond member. Diamond membership with WeightMatters allows you to avail of all the support and information for free while you stay within the 3lb range of your chosen target weight.

This is an elite membership with lots of WeightMatters members already enrolled.

While a Diamond member, I encourage you to weight in once a month to keep a responsible eye on your weight while working on sustaining your hard work for life. You will continue to receive the same support while being a diamond member as you would while reaching your goals. This is available to keep you at your chosen weight without any fluctuations.

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