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Exercise at Home

The WeightMatters members had the pleasure of guest speaker Sam Fitzpatrick from Fun Intense Training. Sam came to introduce us to the importance of exercising at home along side it’s many benefits to us both physically and mentally.

It was refreshing listening to another expert speak about how important our health is.  Firstly, he congratulated my members on their decision to take action and start their weight loss journey. And he is so right, we are all making progress, it may be slow for some of us, but we are all working at a pace that suits us individually. We are addressing the issue and are working towards being healthier and happier in ourselves and that shows courage and determination. Sometimes we may wonder why we are still on this journey when we re not seeing results constantly. But in reality, very few weight loss clients continue to see results at a constant pace throughout their weight loss journey.

Actually, it is normal to have periods of plateauing, which may cause us to be exasperated. But it is all part of weight loss. The thing to keep in mind is exactly what Sam has said. We have all taken the decision to take action about our weight loss and this is crucial to working towards our goals. So well done if you have decided to tackle this problem once and for all. Join WeightMatters at

Sam made some great points about healthy living

Sam spoke about the physical and mental benefits to working out. He assured us, we did not need to be part of a gym or indeed have a room full of equipment at home to get fitter and healthier. This was something we all needed to hear – That we could exercise at home without equipment! With the gyms being shut, coupled with the need to stay local for our exercise, this is great news!

He made some interesting points, particularly in relation to one good choice making an impact on your choices for the day. If you decide to exercise at home in the morning time, you will not eat unhealthily as you will not want to undo your hard work. If you just start to move more, walk more, maybe inject a little home workout into your daily plan you will naturally make better choices in life. So, your food intake would benefit from this progression with an effort to exercise at home too. You will subconsciously adapt the personality of a healthier person and that in turn will help with your weight loss. Why not join WeightMatters to start your weight loss journey today? 

Let’s be our future friends

Another vital point that Sam made was to be our future friends. He noted that our bodies need a strong foundation as we grow older. This is obvious when he mentions it, but it is something we do not think about – maybe we don’t want to think about it? Our posture can deteriorate badly as we age which will impacts on our bone structure and appearance. We do need to look after ourselves for the future- that is a fact! We need to avoid chronic illness and stay off medication. And it is never too late to start exercising at home. So, no matter what age you are, take the initiative now. No one ever regrets exercising!

Sam has kindly offered the WeightMatters members a 2 month free Personal trainer programme to show us how to exercise at home. This has being warmly received by my members who have tried it out. They have enjoyed pushing their boundaries and challenging themselves to partake in the workouts. The workouts themselves are based on using your own body weight as a tool. Lunges, planks and press-ups all feature, with little tips on how to make them easier for beginners. Most of us felt our muscles that had being slightly dormant, waken up!

Get active

This initiative from Sam at Fun Intense Fitness proves to us all, that we don’t need the fancy gear, with the hi-tech equipment to get fit. We can easily create a home work out plan and exercise without equipment. So thank you Sam for playing a pivotal part in inspiring my members to get active at home. Some of my members would never deviated from their walking without your encouragement and support. 

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