Getting Fit at Home

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If you don’t fancy spending a fortune on Gym membership or the idea of walking into a gym makes you shudder, there is a tonne of Special Offers in the shops this January to help you with Getting Fit at Home!


Getting Fit at Home with Aldi

From Today Aldi have lots of items in store to boost your fitness at home 

Weighted Vest

10kg Weighted Vest – Aldi 

This helps increase the effectiveness of your exercise and is adjustable to fit 

It is €24.99

4 Major Weighted Vest Benefits
  • Boost Fat Burn. As we all know, intensity is everything when it comes to fast, efficient fat loss. …
  • Increase Muscle and Bone Strength. …
  • Boost Cardiovascular Benefits. Gets your Heart pumping
  • Boost Core Strength.

Aldi also have nice work out gear. Sports bras are vital for ladies who work out and they have ones in various sizes. Only €6.99 

Aldi also has these great alternatives to Kettlebells. This 3 pack of soft weighted plates have exercises printed on them and come in 2kg, 3g and 5kg. To help you add some ummph to your Squats and floor exercises!!

Getting Fit at Home with Lidl

Lidl have lots of Fitness Gear to help you loose weight at home. These fancy scales will measure body weight, body fat , water weight, muscle mass and more !! This scales even comes with a free app too to help you monitor your weight.  These are great for Online members or for class members if they can’t make it to a meeting, but I suggest you use them just once a week.

Lidl also have a handy Exercise Ball which comes with printed exercises on it to help you work out at home. 

You can also find great work outs online like this –

Getting Fit at Home with HomeStore and More

HomeStore and More have a half-price sale on all fitness Equipment from Bikes and treadmills to skipping ropes. These handy little weights are great to use when you are out walking or even when marching in place to help you loose a few more calories. 

You can find the Homestore and More sale here 

And talking of Skipping ropes if you have 5 mins to kill, a quick go with the skipping rope will get the heart rate up and burn some calories and they are such a cheap option to help you with your fitness journey.  It takes the average kettle 3 minutes to boil so why not have a quick skip than having your hand in the biscuit tin. 

Getting Fit at Home with Supervalu

Supervalu aren’t doing to much in the way of Fitness equipment but they do have a special offer on the Daewoo Air Fryer for only 39 euros in store. You know I am a big fan of the Air fryer and we have shared some recipes in my emails using an air fryer. 

The Benefits of an Air Fryer are 

  • Low-fat meals 
  • Easy clean up.
  • Uses hot-air circulation, the air fryer cooks your ingredients from all angles – with no oil needed.
  • This ultimately produces healthier foods than most fryers and spares you from that unwanted aroma of fried foods in your home.

January is the perfect time of year to avail of all these offers and start getting fit at home.

Little by little a little adds up to a lot. 

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