Low-Calorie Sweets for Halloween – Best Halloween Sweets for Weight Loss

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It’s unrealistic to say that those of us watching our weight are going to avoid ALL the Halloween sweets. However, we can still have a treat and stay on plan, the key is planning for it!  I advise my members to try and stick to 150Kcal of chocolate or sweets as a snack. This can be easily worked into your daily calorie allowance and doesn’t have to result in an increase on the scales. So what are the best low-calorie sweets to have this Halloween? Low-calorie sweets for Halloween:

Low-calorie savoury options:

Popcorn – a healthy and low calorie treat for Halloween

low calorie halloween sweets, the best sweets for halloween

Popcorn is a fantastic option for those of us who love a savoury treat. Pick up a multi-pack of Manhattan popcorn when you’re doing your next shop. It’s perfect as they’re already split into serving sizes and one bag is just 65Kcal – a healthy and low-calorie snack! They are also a great alternative to crisps which can be much higher in calories and fat.

Snack-a-Jack’s – low calorie sweets for Halloween

Snack-a-Jack’s Sweet Chilli Kick are just 90 calories per bag. Another great savoury option for those who love a bag of crisps.

Low-Calorie Chocolate options for Halloween

For those of us who like chocolate, Halloween can be incredibly difficult with chocolate multipacks brought to the front of the shops. If you are going to have chocolate, make sure to stick to 150Kcal as that way you can still have something you enjoy, without going overboard

Dark Chocolate

best halloween sweets for weight loss

Try to go for dark chocolate. Something like Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate (80-90%). As dark chocolate is so rich, you won’t be as likely to eat the same amount as milk chocolate. Not only that, dark chocolate is full of health benefits (in moderation).

Fun Size Chocolate Treats – low calorie sweets option

You may have some bags of fun size chocolate treats at the moment for the kids. One fun size milky way has 70Kcal. If you can stick to one, great but you can even have two and still stay within your 150Kcal limit.

Halloween sweets, 150 Kcal

Fruity snack  – healthy and filling


Try a banana and peanut butter snack. Simply slice your banana, pop peanut butter inbetween two banana slices and pop in the freezer. This is a great sweet and high-protein snack to keep further cravings at bay. You can even dip your banana in melted dark chocolate for an extra bit of sweetness.

Other options

Low calorie halloween sweets

Sometimes for Halloween you’ll find bags of Halloween-shaped marshmallows. Did you know that in general, marshmallows are low in calories and nearly fat-free? Check the packet to be sure but if you are really craving something sweet, maybe try marshmallows.

What to avoid at Halloween for weight loss

low-calorie halloween sweets

I advise avoiding big packs of jellies such as Haribo Tangfastics. While eating the appropriate serving size is still within our 150Kcal range, once you open a pack, you’re likely to keep going back. This results in going way over your daily calorie allowance.

The key is planning how much you’ll have in advance, so that you can work the calories into your daily allowance.


What do you think? What is your favourite low-calorie sweets for Halloween?


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