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Meet some of my Amazing Diamond Members


Mags – WeightMatters Online

After battling weight all my life and trying numerous programmes, such as Slimming World, Weight Watchers all of which I stayed at for awhile but just loss interest. Then one morning last February I stood on the scales and was absolutely disgusted at what I saw. I wondered what am I going to join now, the gym, another shot at Slimming World or what? I Sat down to have a quick peek at Facebook before heading to work and this is where I saw WeightMatters with Jenny so without a thought I clicked on the link and what can I say. Instantly the support started.

I think why WeightMatters suited me was the fact that I didn’t have to go into a room full of people and have to speak out in front of everyone. I am not a very confident person and I feel this is what turns me off in person meetings. I love the WhatsApp group and Jenny’s emails. I find these are what keeps me on track and motivated daily.

I feel my confidence has really been boosted. My lifestyle has changed so much I feel if I don’t walk, my day is not complete. I have a lot more energy and I feel really good in my clothes. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I want to say a big heartful thank you to Jenny and all my friends on this weight loss journey. If I can do it, anyone can.


Gemma – WeightMatters Online

Most of all I enjoyed how accessible the programme is and how easy it is to follow. The online system is so easy to be involved in with the tools right at your fingertips. The group and Jenny are only a message away.

The last straw for me was not fitting into my normal clothes. Jeans not buttoning up, dresses not zipping up and everything feeling way too uncomfortable. I felt unhealthy, overweight, unconfident, my clothes didn’t fit – were too tight, unhappy physically and mentally and most of all probably depressed.

I was very nervous and apprehensive that I couldn’t do this online. On previous weight loss journeys having to physically go and get weighed, motivated me to track and be good. This time I was going to be doing this with the support of the virtual group. This scared me but spurred on by Jenny, I was excited for what I could achieve.


Mary – WeightMatters Online

If you have a set back don't give up. Use the support of the WeightMatters Community to your advantage to help you get back on track!

I needed to lose weight as my clothes were really tight. I tried programmes before but I never maintained the weight loss. I felt motivated to make a change, I really enjoyed the way Jenny spoke about weight loss. She made it seem so easy! I feel healthier, I have more energy and more confidence in myself.

I am now in control of my eating habits and know my own body’s needs. The biggest change on this weight loss programme is losing the weight and actually keeping it off! This was where I slipped up on the other programmes. I feel the support when you reach diamond membership is exactly the same as when you are a paying member. This was quite novel. I enjoyed the simplicity of calorie counting and the unending support while efficiently losing weight.


Mother & Daughter Reach Diamond Membership

Do it...Join WeightMatters. We didn’t want to be there when we started but we are so glad we went. It really works. With a little determination and Jenny’s support you will get to your weight loss goal. It really is so achievable for anyone!

We decided to support each other. If one of us saw the other not sticking to the plan we pointed it out. Re-evaluated our eating habits. We both have a very sweet tooth. So, it was a matter of having a limited number of sweet treats in the house.

Class and the cup of tea. It was like meeting up with friends once a week for a chat. All the meal ideas in class where a great help. I appreciated the fact that there was no pressure to buy products or food items from Jenny. This was quite refreshing.


Lisa – WeightMatters Online

My confidence was at rock bottom when I started WeightMatters. Now I feel much more confident and I am not hiding myself anymore.

For me food was my biggest challenge so tracking what I ate and counting the calories was what worked. I also did a lot of meal planning and made dinners at the weekend that would be easier to keep me on track during the week when I was busy or tired. I started eating healthier breakfast, lunch and dinners and also cut down on snacks replacing them with lower-calorie choices. I don’t skip meals anymore, which has stopped me snacking on quick unhealthy foods.

Being in control of my food and feeling like I could choose to have a treat which wasn’t going to ruin my week. As I was using the Online option I feel I was given all of the knowledge and information I needed to achieve my goal, whilst not having to worry about babysitting arrangements to enable me to get to a class. This was a great relief when I was returning from a long day at work.


Noel – WeightMatters Kingscourt

Over the years the weight had crept on, I hadn’t really noticed to be honest. My wife was conscious of the effects of this extra weight on my health. And therefore suggested I look into a weight-loss plan to help me get back to a healthy weight. I approached with an open mind and tried to keep to it as much as I could without letting it take over everything. I enjoyed trying all the tips given to me in class, some worked for me and some didn’t but there was sense of achievement in finding what worked for me!

I counted what I ate as best I could and cut down on the junk food. Overall I tried to be mindful about what I was putting into my body. I think about what I eat far more now than before, I am more conscious about planning and preparing my meals and snacks while travelling for work, as there are too many tempting options at the deli counter.

The class, cup of tea, feeling the sense of achievement and that the goal was achievable!

Sisters doing it for themselves - WeightMatters Online

Busy mums and sisters Rosalie, Ruth and Mairead share their stories about how they received Diamond Membership with WeightMatters!

Rosalie's Story
I was always a very active and motivated person and then I became a mother. Like most women, everything changed, not only had my body changed but I found it difficult to find any time for exercise. I could clearly see the weight I put on and deep down I knew as my clothes didn't fit comfortably anymore.
I was familiar with WeightMatters as my sister Mairead had a very successful journey so I decided to join. Having the support of Jenny and all the other members on the WhatsApp support community and knowing I had to weigh in once a week was enough to keep me motivated and dedicated to the programme. The WeightMatters programme is easy, simply count every calorie you eat and it really does work.

Maread's Story
I was the first of us to join WeightMatters. I began my journey in September 2018 and was awarded my Diamond Membership by mid-February 2019. The programme was simple and by tracking, forward planning and the support of the group, I could stay motivated and that got me to my goal!
I am at goal over two years now.
The WhatsApp group is amazing and offers so much support and the new website is also a fantastic resource. Jenny is always a text away and quick to look for that photo should I forget to send it!

Ruth's Story
During the second lockdown in 2020 I found myself at home again and off work, getting ready to move to a new hours, no routine, no exercise classes, minding two little ones at home and I suppose the weight started to creep up, clothing getting a little tight.
Two of my sisters became Diamond Members of WeightMatters and I knew they found it easy to follow. I knew I needed to draw the line and contact Jenny.
I really enjoyed the online class, it was handy being able to log on and not looking for a babysitter for the kids. I felt great support and lots of lovely tips and ideas. I had the support of my sisters and I found the WhatsApp group amazing.


Frances – WeightMatters Online

I just really really disliked how I felt and what I looked like. I had been on maternity leave and lived in tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirts. It was coming up to my sons christening and when I tried to get an outfit for it I was disgusted with myself. I had seen WeightMatters advertised a few times and liked the idea of the programme. I like straightforward calorie counting and the plan seemed easy to follow. I had been with Jenny before in weightwatchers so I knew how she works - supportive and encouraging but realistic and straight talking when needed!

I gained on every special occasion 🙈 the 1st time I was really hard on myself and usually I'd find it hard to get the motivation to get back on track but Jenny pointed out that its part of life and we have to allow for it and then move on. So that's what I done from then on. I wasn't so hard on myself the next time or the time after that.

I followed Jenny's advice and was as prepared as possible. I planned ahead using recipes from the WeightMatters book and online. As the weeks went by it became second nature to me. I loved the simplicity of it. At this stage it's nearly second nature to me and that's why I like. I don't have to stress or fuss over it. I feel WM gave me my confidence back!


Mairead - WeightMatters Kingscourt

I just love the simplicity of it! No calculator no hassle! Calories are everything we eat! It's so so easy. I love it and I tell everyone it's the easiest programme I've ever done. I don't call it a diet because you can really eat anything you like!

I felt motivated and was ready for the changes that WeightMatters brought. After years of doing another weight-loss programme I knew I would have to be ready to adjust and not compare plans. So it needed to be a clean sweep!

Planning was essential…. I knew if I had the right foods in the house I could do this with ease. I had got into a lot of bad habits and had been comfort eating and eating late at night whilst caring for my uncle so those habits had to be broken. Sugar detox had to begin – my fruit and vegetable intake was non-existent. Water was also a huge issue. I was exercising but as we all know exercise doesn’t outdo a bad diet. I was losing without exercising and so I felt that I don’t need to exercise. I have recently started to tone up and help maintain my weight loss.

Breda WeightMatters

Breda - WeightMatters Online

I found Jenny's emails spot on every week. There were very encouraging and practical. I always had a few pounds to lose and I will be 50 this year so wanted to lose it for then.

For me it was little changes every day. I felt this was the way I should approach the programme so that it wasn’t huge shock to my system. I started to use my WeightMatters diary to record my calorie intake and made small changes like swapping to low fat milk. I also found the laughing cow triangles quit useful in sandwiches and sauces.

I found my support came from the WeightMatters Live meetings and the WM support community. I’m allowing myself to eat often as the WeightMatters programme encourages three meals along with three healthy snacks per day. This ensures I don’t get hungry and I don’t make bad decisions. I enjoyed reading through the recipes and Jenny’s weekly programme videos that were put up on the WM support group.


Martina - WeightMatters Online

I loved the fact that I could still have a little of what I fancied while losing weight. It was after Christmas and I had gained 7lbs and my clothes were so uncomfortable to wear. I would sit at my desk at work with my button open.

I realised how quickly that 7lbs could turn into a stone if I did not tackle the issue then and there. It was time to take the first step and join WeightMatters. I had met Jenny before, so I gave her a call and explained that I didn’t have a huge amount of weight to lose but wanted to get rid of the lbs I had gained over the past few months. As I work full time and have small kids, I don’t have the time to go meetings. I just need the weekly weight in to motivate me. Jenny was very understanding and was happy to help.

I found the support of the WeightMatters community WhatsApp group incredible. There is always inspirational support available on this group, with lovely recipes to try. I loved the fact that I could still have a little of what I fancied while losing weight. By tracking and doing my exercise I have the freedom to be able to enjoy a glass of wine and some nibbles at the weekend without feeling too guilty! All over lockdown and with kids been off school I did gain a few pounds but managed to keep within my 4lbs target as a diamond member and I have since lost it again. It is all about the weigh in for me to keep me on track.

Mary - WeightMatters Online

I have been on my journey with Weight Matters for the past four months. I realised I needed help when my clothes were becoming tight and no longer fitting me. Went out and bought a scales and realised I had put on a stone weight. This may not seem to be a large amount but being 5ft. and having a very small frame it really showed.

I plucked up the courage to ring Jenny as I had heard about her before. Jenny immediately put me at ease and talked me through the plan and created a food diary for me. The first changes I made was counting the calories and what foods to stay away from and healthier alternatives. In the past I used to skip breakfast and begin work, being very busy I would only have quick snacks throughout the day which wouldn't fill me up. My only proper meal would be dinner late in the evening. The biggest difference now is that I am eating regular meals and don't get the cravings for the unhealthy snacks.

The support system that Weight Matters have in place is second to none, check in once a week with Jenny, the zoom meeting three times a week, the WhatsApp group where all is shared. 

I now feel like my old self, clothes fit me again, have lost the stone weight and above all feel much healthier. I now have knowledge on foods that will help me going forward.

So anyone looking to shift a few or a lot of pounds, you will be in safe hands with Jenny in a knowledgeable and encouraging environment that will help you hit your goal. 

Good Luck Ladies 



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