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Margaret: I had messaged Jenny on a few occasions, but never done anything about it. Last January I heard she was starting a new class in the Farnham arms and I thought it was now or never.

Lisa: If I’m being honest, I only went along to be supportive of mam

Margaret: I wanted to try something new. Having tried all the other diet plans I thought this is new and different and might just be the thing I’m looking for.

Lisa: As mam wanted to lose weight, I though it may not be a bad idea for myself to become healthier. I had tried other plans, but their ideas never inspired me beyond a few weeks. 

Margaret: I did wonder if I would be able to do it. It was a new approach for me but the relaxed atmosphere in the meeting made me feel perhaps this is something I would enjoy.

Lisa: Interested. Jenny makes it sound so doable and gives you all the tools you need to give it your best shot.

Margaret: We decided to support each other. If one of us saw the other not sticking to the plan we pointed it out.

Lisa: Re-evaluated our eating habits. We both have a very sweet tooth. So, it was a matter of having a limited number of sweet treats in the house.

Margaret: Meal planning. We meal prepped. Having measured portions of our favourite meals cooked and in the freezer with the calories written on the container made menu planning so easy. We knew exactly what we were eating, and it took away the temptation to order a takeaway.

Lisa: We bought smaller plates and a lot more vegetables. 

Margaret: Work. Trying to organise lunches for work was my biggest challenge. And probably still is one of my biggest challenges.

Lisa: Trying not to make the same food all the time. I get bored very quickly with food.

Margaret: I have Lisa as well as the rest of my family who didn’t realise, they were also on a healthy eating plan. So, in fact we were all winners with WeightMatters!

Lisa: Mam and my family and friends 

Margaret: Smaller portions, more fruit and vegetables. We are more conscious of planning our meals and trying new recipes. We were delighted to have our take on a chicken dish featured in Jenny’s new calendar. This really shows how far we have come in our eating habits.

Lisa: We now eat less junk food. When we decide to have our sweet treat, we sit down and enjoy it knowing that it can fit into the WeightMatters weight loss plan.

Margaret: A little, we both have very active jobs, so our activity was quite high anyway.

Lisa: I do enjoy a walk now and then, but I feel I have so much more energy in daily life from simply eating better. 

Margaret: The motivation we received from Jenny and the weight loss tips from the other members.

Lisa: Knowing that everyone was in the same boat and that we all help each other achieve our goals. I also loved the simplicity of the plan- there was no crazy calculations to confuse me like points or sins etc. 

Margaret: Class and the cup of tea. It was like meeting up with friends once a week for a chat.

Lisa: : All the meal ideas in class where a great help. I appreciated the fact that there was no pressure to buy products or food items from Jenny. This was quite refreshing.


Confidence – I definitely feel a whole lot better in myself.

Lifestyle – I’m a lot more conscious about what I’m eating. I enjoy dressing up now for events and am being bolder and more courageous with my choice of clothing.

Energy – I’m definitely not as tired as I was before, I even take the odd walk now!


Confidence – I had very little self-confidence when I started my journey. But now I feel a lot better about myself. I even got a picture taken in a bikini on holidays. A definite first for me as I was always covered up.

Lifestyle – I literally check the calories on everything. It’s part of my lifestyle now, its just so simply and easy to keep to the formula that works for me.

Energy – I know when I’ve had a bad food day now because I’m sluggish the next day. It’s so obvious to me now how eating badly affects you in so many ways.

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Do it...Join WeightMatters. We didn’t want to be there when we started but we are so glad we went. It really works. With a little determination and Jenny’s support you will get to your weight loss goal. It really is so achievable for anyone!

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My confidence was at rock bottom when I started WeightMatters. Now I feel much more confident and I am not hiding myself anymore.

Lisa Gardiner – WeightMatters Online

A photo from a family night out where I had felt very uncomfortable in what I was wearing. When I saw the photo I felt so annoyed I hadn’t lost my “baby weight” even though my baby was 2! I joined Weightmatters a week later!

I had been to classes with Jenny before and had succeeded so when I saw Jenny had set up Weightmatters and had an Online option where I could follow the plan I decided to sign up as I was so fed up. I had tried to lose the weight myself but was struggling and knew I needed support.

Relieved that I was finally doing something to change. I used the Online option but still felt like I had joined a group, as there was great support from the WhatsApp Group and twice-weekly motivational emails.

For me food was my biggest challenge so tracking what I ate and counting the calories was what worked. I also did a lot of meal planning and made dinners at the weekend that would be easier to keep me on track during the week when I was busy or tired.

I started eating healthier breakfast, lunch and dinners and also cut down on snacks replacing them with lower-calorie choices.

At one point I stopped losing weight. I think I had maybe 6 or 7 weeks where I lost nothing I was up and down the same 2lbs. I thought about quitting at that point – Jenny kept me positive and on track.

Yes my family were a great support. Particularly in allowing me time to get out of the house to exercise.

I don’t skip meals anymore, which has stopped me snacking on quick unhealthy foods.

 Honestly I did not exercise at all for the first few sessions. I was focused on my food. But as I lost more I found I needed to move more to achieve the weight loss I wanted and exercise along with Jenny’s support is what got me over the period where I stopped losing weight.

Being in control of my food and feeling like I could choose to have a treat which wasn’t going to ruin my week. As I was using the Online option I feel I was given all of the knowledge and information I needed to achieve my goal, whilst not having to worry about babysitting arrangements to enable me to get to a class. This was a great relief when I was returning from a long day at work.

WhatsApp group is great. And I may not be a big contributor but the positive stories really helped motivate me when I had a bad week. Also seeing other people out exercising got me moving.

Confidence – My confidence was at rock bottom when I started. Now I feel much more confident and I am not hiding myself anymore.

Lifestyle – Healthier and happier than when I started. Much more active and my diet has improved so much.

Energy – My energy has increased a lot. I am so active now compared to when I started. While I wasn’t unfit starting I can now run which was a big achievement for me. I also find I choose to do things which involve being out and about previously I would have stayed at home on the couch.

Noel Farrelly – WeightMatters Kingscourt

Over the years the weight had crept on, I hadn’t really noticed to be honest. My wife was conscious of the effects of this extra weight on my health. And therefore suggested I look into a weight-loss plan to help me get back to a healthy weight.

I was delighted to find there was a local class in my area by spotting a poster in my local shop window. It was convenient to where I live and at a time that suited my work schedule, so I thought I would give it a whirl. 

I felt good, and with the support from Jenny and the group meetings I realised that loosing weight was something that I could do. I was delighted that there was no confusing points system to learn off by heart before I could have my dinner.

I approached with an open mind and tried to keep to it as much as I could without letting it take over everything. I enjoyed trying all the tips given to me in class, some worked for me and some didn’t but there was sense of achievement in finding what worked for me!

I counted what I ate as best I could and cut down on the junk food. Overall I tried to be mindful about what I was putting into my body.

Eating less junk food by replacing with fruit and vegetables. I used to have hot chocolate while travelling for work and now I have replaced that with a lower calorie version. 

Yes, my wife was very supportive. She is my biggest cheerleader, I am so grateful to her for encouraging me to take this step towards a healthier lifestyle.

I think about what I eat far more now than before, I am more conscious about planning and preparing my meals and snacks while travelling for work, as there are too many tempting options at the deli counter. 

I definitely do a little more exercise these days, whether it be a short walk in the woods or generally moving more. I am more active than I had been in the past, the dog is loving the walks! 

I loved seeing the results even when they weren’t so good, this feedback told me what was working and what wasn’t. The WeightMatters meetings were very enjoyable with great camaraderie amongst my WeightMatters friends. The Emails are great during the week to help keep me on track. The daily support from the WhatsApp group really kept me motivated. 

The class, cup of tea, feeling the sense of achievement and that the goal was achievable.

Confidence – a little more, but I was not fixated on my weight to begin with anyway, it was more about getting healthy for me.

Lifestyle – I do make more healthy choices more often now. 

Energy – I have so much more energy these days, out chopping sticks after work and generally being more active. 

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The class, cup of tea, feeling the sense of achievement and that the goal was achievable!

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I just love the simplicity of it! No calculator no hassle! Calories are everything we eat! It's so so easy. I love it and I tell everyone it's the easiest programme I've ever done. I don't call it a diet because you can really eat anything you like!

Mairead Carolan from WeightMatters Kingscourt

I had had a tough few months having lost a loved one during the summer of 2018 and following a holiday in August I had reached the heaviest weight I had ever been. I knew at that point I needed to do something.

My friend had joined 3 weeks earlier and had asked me to join but I said no, “calorie counting wouldn’t be for me” – I soon changed my mind!

I felt motivated and was ready for the changes that WeightMatters brought. After years of doing another weight-loss programme I knew I would have to be ready to adjust and not compare plans. So it needed to be a clean sweep!

Planning was essential….
I knew if I had the right foods in the house I could do this with ease. I had got into a lot of bad habits and had been comfort eating and eating late at night whilst caring for my uncle so those habits had to be broken. Sugar detox had to begin – my fruit and vegetable intake was non-existent. Water was also a huge issue. I was exercising but as we all know exercise doesn’t outdo a bad diet. 

Sweet tooth- reducing sweets biscuits etc I say reducing because I could surprisingly have my treats on this fab diet. Portion sizes had to be adjusted as I noticed the link between my clothes sizes and my portions. I was eating the same amount as my husband, so as most fruit and vegetables are zero I could fill my plate with a large healthy portion, as all women want to be able to eat lots but lose weight!

My best friend was also doing the programme so we worked together and a few weeks later my sister joined as well so it became a team effort. Jenny and the class were a huge support always.

It was just realising the calories that I had been eating. This was a real eye opener. Like three days worth of calories in one, some days!

I was losing without exercising and so I felt that I don’t need to exercise. I have recently started to  tone up and help maintain my weight loss.

I just love the simplicity of it! No calculator no hassle! Calories are everything we eat! It’s so easy. I love it and I tell everyone it’s the easiest programme I have ever done. I don’t call it a diet cos you can really eat anything you like!

The little milestones.. like beads on my strings for each half-pound I had lost. My string hangs in my kitchen a constant reminder of how far I have come.

The cuppa in class.I found that sometimes it was all you needed to sit and just have that half hour to yourself.

Confidence Having been at my heaviest weight when I started, I’m so happy with my weight now. My confidence is better than it’s been in years. I’m determined to never gain the weight again. I check in with Jenny monthly Online to ensure I start within the 3lb radius of my chosen goal weight.

Lifestyle Great! I’m enjoying shopping and love just getting dressed these days.

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