Did you know a healthy morning routine can help with weight control

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Did you know that an efficient and healthy morning routine can do wonders for your weight control and weight loss? Without routine we can fall into bad habits fast, and this can derail our efforts completely. So let’s chat about this. Why is a good morning routine helpful for weight loss?

Why a morning routine is helpful for weight loss

1. Adding structure helps us develop healthy habits

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With a morning routine comes structure. We get in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast, we get in the habit of a 3 minute mindfulness session before leaving our bed and so on. When you have a good routine like this, the easier it becomes to avoid the bad habits, and stack good habits throughout the day. It you get in the habit of having a healthy breakfast, this may encourage you to continue this with your lunch. Or, it may even encourage you to do exercise after work as you’ll feel the need to maintain your healthy habits from the morning.

Adding structure and routine reduces the energy we need to spend on decisions early in the day, and allows us to save energy to make the correct decisions right up until evening.

2. A morning routine sets you up right for the rest of the day

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When I sleep in, roll out of bed and start my day late, it never leads to a productive day. I’m sure you know what I mean. The rest of the day flies by and is rushed, as I try to catch up with myself. This leads to grabbing quick convenient snacks and meals. These meals are almost always higher in calories, sugar and fat than the meals I would normally cook for myself.

Getting up at a regular time and carrying out a routine in the morning sets us up the right way, meaning we tend to be healthier first thing, and continue this right throughout the day.

A morning routine gets us on track as soon as our feet hit the floor, and puts us in the right mindset for the rest of the day. Don’t you agree?

3. A morning routine reduces stress – perfect for allowing us to focus on weight control

reduce stress, worry less

We’ve all been there, rushing around the kitchen trying to get breakfast for the kids, making sure they are dressed with bags packed, while also trying to get ourselves ready for work. We can be out the door without even realising we have forgotten to eat ourselves! This stress sets us up for bad decisions for the rest of the day – especially when it comes to meal times and snacking.

Having an efficient routine allows us to save time and energy on decisions and helps us to start the day off a lot calmer. This means we can keep our heads for the rest of the day, improves our physical and mental health and allows us to make good decisions.

4. A morning routine increases our productivity – boosting that weight loss 

Starting the day off on the right food increases our productivity for the rest of the day. As we’re in the correct mindset, we’re more likely to go out for that walk, or remain active for the day. This activity will help us to burn extra calories all day long.

You’ll be able to focus better on tasks, be it doing that workout, or meal prepping some lunches for the week. With a good morning routine, you’ll find you waste less time and do important tasks in the free time you have.

5. It will help you feel in control – weight control


A lot of the time with our weight control, we can feel like we have no control. Some of us turn to emotional eating when we feel a lack of control in our lives. But having a morning routine will help us feel in control first thing in the morning. It may also remind us that we have control over other things – the foods we consume and the calories we take in. Once we feel in control we remember we have options, and that we can choose healthier alternatives.

Final thoughts

So these are just some of the reasons that a good morning routine can help with your weight control. There are also countless others! Do you have a morning routine? If not, now may be a good time to start one. Try and get as much done the night before (meal prep, getting school bags packed and uniforms -both school and work – laid out).


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