Positive Affirmations and Positive Self Talk Examples

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The way we talk to ourselves matters. If you need a boost in confidence and want to improve your self talk, try these positive affirmations and positive self talk examples. Which ones speak to you? Repeat them to yourself daily and see what changes you notice in your inner dialog.

Positive Affirmations and Positive Self Talk Examples

  1. I will always see good in myself

positive affirmation and self talk

2. I am in control of my own happiness

3. I am excited about the person I’m becoming

4. My past is no longer a source of pain for me

5. I love and respect myself

6. I can and I will

positive affirmation and self talk 1

7. I accept and love myself just the way I am

positive affirmation and self talk 1

8. I deserve good things

positive affirmation and self talk 1

9. I can do anything I put my mind to

positive affirmation and self talk 1

10. I forgive myself for my mistakes. They do not define me

positive affirmation



Why Positive Affirmations Work?

Our thought processes can become habit. If we find ourselves thinking negatively, it can be because our brain has got into the habit of thinking this way. Repeating positive affirmations daily can be powerful enough to alter your subconscious thoughts and create new positive thinking habits. This will also improve your positive self talk.

For more on why positive self talk works check out: https://weightmatters.ie/positive-self-talk-for-weight-loss/

How Many Affirmations is Too Many?

While there is never too much positive affirmations to repeat to yourself, starting with too many may get overwhelming and you may not continue to do it. I would start with 5 good positive affirmations for improving your positive self talk. If you would like to expand on this I would suggest aiming for between 5 and 15.

What Are The Best Positive Affirmations?

The best affirmations for self confidence, are the ones that speak to you.

How Long Does it Take for Positive Affirmations to Work? 

It depends on the person. You need to do it regularly, and try to believe what you are saying. Studies show it can take up to 3 weeks. I would suggest repeating your affirmations 3 times, morning and night to start with, and do this for at least a month, but for best results, keep going!

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