Saturday Night Sweets & Treats

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We all like Saturday Night Sweets and Treats while watching the Telly but not all treats are created equal!!

I have created this post to help you make informed choices so you can have the odd treat without ruining your weight loss journey.

Saturday Sweet Treats

Fun sized Bars seem like a good idea – they are small after all but some have more calories than you think. Maltesers are advertised as the “Lighter way to enjoy chocolate” But a small bag is 98 Kcals!! The most calories in this bag, the best choice here is Milky ways as 69 Kcals. It is all about making healthier choices!! While still having fun of course.

These little bars from Supervalu – look like a nice treat until you read the label and realise they are 172 Kcals and have 4 cubes worth of sugar or 14g of sugar.

This is why when you are treat shopping, the Traffic Light System helps you make better healthy eating choices – this bar is definitely a red!

A nicer chocolate treat is are these tasty Mint Rounds from Lidl – if you like Viscounts these are a great and are only 74 Kcals each and 5gs of sugar. Perfect with a cuppa on the sofa.

Bars of chocolate are a tricky one as usually they give you calories by 2 squares so at first glance you see 102 Kcals for this Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut bar from Lidl. But if you are mindlessly eating on a Saturday night before you know it you have has 611 Kcals and a whopping 39 grams of sugar !!

Savory Saturday Treats

Sometimes you just want something savory so you search the shops and find “Light” crisps – you think that you made the healthy choice – but if you check the back of these the “Light” Crisps means just 10 calories less than you favourite Hunky Dory’s and a little less fat but actually more sugar per pack!!

Hunky Dory’s are 130 calories and 2 grams less sugar so in this instance if you want crisps – don’t be fooled by light ones!!

Also be wary of share bags of crisps – a quick glance at the calories on the front of the packet and you see 138 Kcals similar to the Hunky Dory’s above, but a better look makes you realise that that is for only 25g of this 200g bag. And who eats only 25gms when mindlessly eating while watching a movie?You could end up eating nearly all your daily calories in one go, as this share bag has 1080 calories in it!!

Snacks and Treats are something I encourage at WeightMatters, as depriving yourself is a surefire way of making yourself miserable and I want you to loss weight while still enjoying life.

Which is why I have a daily “Treat” Allowance in you personalized WeightMatters plan But it is all about making good, informed choices – use our Traffic Light Challenge above to help you so Saturday Night Treats won’t make you avoid the scales on Monday!!

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