Terms and Conditions


At WeightMatters you are the person in control of your weight, you can choose your desired weight.

If you are between 13 and 18 years of age, we will ask you for written approval from your GP, who must assign you a temporary weight target. Your parent or guardian must attend each class with you. The GP consent form is available from your WeightMatters leader.

If you are under the age of 13 or have an active diagnosis of bulimia nervosa or anorexia we can’t take you at this time. If you are pregnant, you can continue with the programme after consent from your doctor/midwife is obtained. Following the birth, you can return once you have had your post-natal check-up. You will also receive a free gift on your return.

On your registration/record card you will find a declaration that asks you to accept responsibility for your own health while you’re following the WeightMatters lifestyle, this must be signed by you.


  • €60 for 6 weeks, if you know that you cannot attend your normal meeting feel free to pop into any other meeting that may suit you. Alternatively send me an image via WhatsApp of you on your scales. If however you cannot take part in any of these avenues, please drop me a text/email in advance of your normal meeting and you will not be charged a missed week, failure to do so will however use one of your weeks.  You are entitled to one holiday week per session (i.e one week every six weeks)

WeightMatters encourages focus and accountability for its members to achieve the best possible results. If you want to go to more than one class in a week that’s fine, you don’t have to pay again but you will only be weighed once a week.

  • For those who pay Online, you are subscribed to a reoccurring subscription. This provides an easy method of payment for WeightMatters clients. However if you wish to cancel your subscription or change your card details please contact me and this will be done without haste.

Please Note: If you miss more than 4 weeks, your membership will have lapsed and you will pay the €60 fee again. One holiday can be used every six weeks on the programme.

In relation to the Online programme – if you don’t send in your weight or make contact with myself you will lose a week from you session.

Diamond Membership

To qualify for Diamond membership you need to reach a desired weight that you are happy with. If your weight drops below BMI 20 you will be advised to stop following the programme for the time being – and consult your doctor. Once you have received Diamond membership your WeightMatters classes are now free provided you weigh-in at least once every calendar month and remain within 3lbs above/below your chosen weight. If your weight strays outside of these constraints you are penalised €10 per week. This is in place to encourage you to weigh in and be continuously conscious of the WeightMatters programme in order to achieve a sustainable, heathy lifestyle.

General information

Any WeightMatters Leader reserves the right, at his or her absolute discretion and without giving reasons, to refuse membership or withdraw membership from any person. This also applies to withdrawing and/or varying without notice, personnel, services, fees and/or rules of membership. An admin fee of €20 will be applied to members who join Online and then decide to cancel after receiving their welcome email.

Data Protection

If you have ‘opted in’ to be contacted by your leader please note that your email address will be saved on the leader’s personal laptop and will not be shared with any third party.

Your email will only be used to send recipes, weekly motivational emails and any updates relating to WeightMatters. WeightMatters is a thorough support programme so I feel it is imperative for your weightloss journey to keep in contact.

You can have your details deleted upon your request at any time.

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