Want to lose weight for summer? Here are my tips for summer weight loss

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Do you want to lose weight before summer? Here are my summer weight loss tips!

1. Pick a target 

It is useful to have a concrete goal to work towards. Otherwise, we can lose steam or fall off track. Grab a notebook and physically record your goal. Keep it where you will see it. Similarly, when you record your weight each week, either write it down beneath your goal, or take images on your phone so you can scroll back through them. 

This will be a great reminder of why you’re working so hard, and will help to keep you on track!

2. Track what you’re eating

Weight Matters journal

This is a very important one! Tracking what you eat is a big part of the WeightMatters programme. Why? Recording everything you consume each day is very eye-opening in terms of our pitfalls, and what foods we should be avoiding.

3. Drink enough fluid

Summer weight loss tips

I am constantly encouraging my WeightMatters Members to drink water. Our body needs enough water to function properly. In fact, fluid is so essential to our bodily processes that even a slight drop in our levels can cause a whole range of unpleasant sensations. 

Additionally, drinking a glass of water before or with your meals, can prevent you from eating larger portions.

4. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake

Summer weight loss tips

On my plan, most fruit and vegetables are FREE foods. You can eat as many as you like. Filling up on fruit and vegetables will mean that you’re less likely to overeat on fatty or higher calorie foods. Plus it will help you reach your 5-a-day which helps us get all the vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy!

5. Up your protein and fibre

Protein and fibre help to keep us full for longer, warding off sugar cravings between meals. Make sure to stick to lean healthy proteins such as fish and wholegrains for fibre.


Remember, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you have a day where you mess up, that doesn’t have to ruin your week. My members and I are familiar with the reset button! Each time you mess up, press the mental reset button and get straight back on track again, rather than using one mess up as a reason to throw your healthy plan out the window!

Let’s talk about some Summer Weight Loss FAQS:


When should I start losing weight for summer?


There is no time like the present! It is ALWAYS the right time to start focusing on becoming a healthier and happier you. Many of my members lose 10lbs in their first 6 weeks on the WeightMatters programme so keep this in mind when you think about when you should start. BUT it is never too late! Stop putting it off and just start now! 


Does summer make you lose weight?

Some people find that they lose weight much easier in summer. What is it about the hot weather that helps us lose weight?

Well, a few things! 
  1. We tend to digest food slower in warm weather, meaning we are fuller longer. Do you find you are less hungry in the hot weather?
  2. We tend to be more active in summer (especially in Ireland and the UK). Once it gets brighter longer, we tend to be more motivated, happier and more likely to walk and be active – burning more calories and helping us lose weight. 
  3. We tend to drink more water – which keeps us fuller and we consume less food.
  4. Studies show that heat may suppress appetite.
  5. As the sun improves mood, we are less likely to turn to emotional eating.


How much weight can I lose in a summer?

It is advised that the healthiest way to lose weight is aim for 2lbs a week. This would be 26lbs in a summer (nearly 2 stone). However, for many of my members on the WeightMatters programme, they notice a more dramatic weight drop for the first few weeks as their bodies experience such a shift in diet – going from eating a lot of rubbish to eating very healthy food. The longer on plan, the weight loss will become a more sustainable 2lbs per week. This will also depend on how much activity or exercise you incorporate.

This is why summer weight loss challenges may not be the most sustainable way to lose weight. While doing a 2-week weight loss challenge may help you lose the lbs, once you stop the challenge you will likely put them back on. As part of my plan, I show my members how a healthy diet and lifestyle is sustainable over time, to keep us on target. 


Summer workout plan to lose weight?

Walk walk walk now that the weather is good in Ireland. 

Walking for weight loss

While exercise is an important part of losing weight, I always remind my members that walking counts. Walking is a great way to lose weight and also encourages us to get out in the fresh air (also improving our mental health). 

I do provide weekly workouts for my members on our weekly newsletter email but why not join a class? If the gym is not for you, then walk walk walk! 

Read my “Walking for Weight Loss” post!



What is WeightMatters?

WeightMatters with Jenny is a remote weight loss programme. Although I am based in Cavan Ireland, I have members all over the country from Roscommon to Longford, Sligo to Dublin and as far down as Kerry and Cork. I have members in the UK, Spain and other parts of Europe as well as in the United States! 

Because my programme is completely remote, it is open to anyone who wants to lose weight and receive daily support! As part of the programme, you’ll get to join my weekly live zoom meetings (there are 3 a week) and also have full access to the recipes and resources on my site. You’ll join the closed WhatsApp group and send me weekly weigh-ins. I love helping my members reach their goals and help them to become Diamond Members. 

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