Weight Loss New Year Resolutions

Weight Loss new Year Resolution

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Ah it’s that time again. It’s the time we all stick “Weight Loss” to the top of our New Year Resolutions list. But did you know only around 12% of people stick to their New Years Resolutions? Maybe it’s time you try something a little different this year. So if you find yourself googling “Weight Loss New Year Resolution”, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Losing Weight New Years Resolution

So many people decide that “losing weight” is their New Years Resolution. But, it stops as that. No further thought is put into it. Then, two weeks into January when a slip-up happens, the whole idea goes out the window. Once a bar of chocolate is eaten you feel like you’ve already lost. “Maybe I’ll lose weight next year instead”. It does not have to be this way, and I’ll explain how.

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How to stick to a weight loss new years resolution

All it takes is some planning to really stick to your weight loss goal. Instead of simply deciding you’ll weight in 2023, decide HOW instead.

Sit down and think about it. What normally stops you? Then figure out how to combat this.

Does slipping up stop you?

Once you fall off the wagon you decide to give up? A lot of people do this as it’s an easier decision to make than the decision to keep going.

Well to combat this, decide that once you slip up, you’ll acknowledge it, ditch the guilt and start again. Guilt only ever leads to further emotional eating, so guilt has no place on your weight loss journey!

Weight Loss new Year Resolution

Does lack of support or motivation stop you? 

Some people find that they are fighting a losing battle very quickly after they make the decision to lose weight. They find that they don’t get the support they need from friends and family members. They find they now have to cook two meals – one for themselves and one for their family. It can quickly become too much.

This is where WeightMatters with Jenny steps in. I will be giving you my full support 7 days a week. I am only ever a text or call away when you need help. Not only will I be there to give you my knowledge, support and weight loss tips, you will also have the full support of all WeightMatters members. Simply pop a message in the WhatsApp group if you are struggling or need some advice and you will have it almost instantly!

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Is it unrealistic expectations that stop you?

Some people decide that when losing weight for their New Years Resolution, there will be no slip ups, and they will simply go cold turkey, cutting out all sugar. Sadly it just does not work like this. Slow and steady is the way to sustainable weight loss. Start slow, start reducing the amount of sugar you eat, and start upping your fruit and vegetable intake. Taking a more gradual approach is much easier on your system and will allow you to create long-term healthy habits.

Sit down and have a think. Come up with a fool proof plan for your New Years Weight Loss. Once you have a plan in place, nothing can throw you off plan unless you want it to!

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How much weight can you lose with WeightMatters?

This is entirely up to you. Some of my members start with a higher target while others only want to lose a stone or two. Over 10,000lbs have been post on the WM programme so far and I know with the right mindset, you can reach your goal too! I hope my “Weight Loss New Year Resolution” article helps you find the motivation!

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WeightMatters with Jenny

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WeightMatters with Jenny is an online weight loss programme which aims to improve your overall mental and physical health, including a healthy weight. Although I am based in Cavan Ireland, I have members all over the country from Roscommon to Longford, Sligo to Dublin and as far down as Kerry and Cork. I have members in the UK, Spain and other parts of Europe as well as in the United States!

Because my programme is completely remote, it is open to anyone who wants to lose weight, work on weight control and receive daily support! As part of the programme, you’ll get to join my weekly live zoom meetings (there are 3 a week) and also have full access to the recipes and resources on my site. You’ll join the closed WhatsApp group and send me weekly weigh-ins privately. I love helping my members reach their goals and help them to become Diamond Members.

Want to see some of my members before and afters? Click here

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