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I, Jenny O’Brien Kinsella am a native of County Cavan where I still live and work. Following my own weight loss of 5 stone and dramatic lifestyle changes over 20 years ago, I had gone on to work in and build up over 20 years professional experience in weight management.  Now, I have my own unique weight management programme WeightMatters™ with Jenny so that you too can reach a healthy weight and begin feeling your best again.

 WeightMatters is conscious of the busy lifestyle and schedule that people lead nowadays and therefore my programme is tailored so you can make healthier food choices and enjoy doing so. It’s about making simple changes, with easy calorie counting that you can carry with you, over the long-term, giving you sustainable weight loss together with lifelong strategies for healthy eating and living for you and your family.

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Having taken the journey myself, losing five stone 20 years ago and maintaining that weight loss over that time, I know and understand what is needed for you to achieve your own personal goals. I know that dramatic weight loss is rarely sustained, that significant weight loss takes time to achieve. 

That is why at WeightMatters we focus on medium to long-term goal setting. I also understand that while Body Mass Index is recognised as important, it often acts as a de-motivator rather than a motivator.  At WeightMatters therefore, the approach is about individual goal setting and destination weight achieved to personal satisfaction. We believe that weight management is much better approached in a group setting therefore you “Lose weight for yourself, not by yourself”™

You can Join WeightMatters in so many ways


Nervous in groups? Too busy after work? Class times don’t suit? WeightMatters can offer you support whilst losing weight from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. You can join us Here


Attending your weekly class will give you a sense of community. Each and every member is there for the same reason, to lose weight. So there is a support network ready and waiting to offer their experiences and share their tips with you. Find out more Here


Your workplace may not be on your list of the most likely places to find weight-loss success. After all, donuts and birthday cakes appear year round, co-workers keep confectionery on their desks, and the vending machine is so convenient when a craving strikes. But maybe the workplace should be on your list? But I will come to you on a weekly basis and provide you with the motivation and support to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Learn more about Work WeightMatters –Here

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During your one to one consultation, privacy is of upmost importance with a strong emphasis on support. This option allows the you to fully evaluate any issues and obstacles and help them find solutions and achieve personal goals.

It allows more time with me to form a relationship and provide you with the best advice in relation to your personal situation within your home or a private location.

Feel Free to Call me about 1to1 – 086 2418361


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