Why is it easier to lose weight in Summer? Does summer help you lose weight?

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If you’re trying to shed a few pounds I have good news. Did you know that it can be much easier to lose weight in summer? So this is the time to get your head in the right mindset and put the work in!

Is it easier to lose weight in Summer?

The truth is, whether you look up “Is it easier to lose weight in Summer” or, “Is it easier to lose weight in Winter”, you’ll likely find an argument for each one! But if you ask me, it is much easier to lose eight in Summer. There are so many reasons for this, the good weather gets us out and about more, increasing our movement, and the improvement in weather boosts our mood, making it easier for us to put the work in. So yes, it can be so much easier to lose weight in summer!

Why is it easier to lose weight in summer? 

1. Better Weather 

When the weather improves for the summer, we are much more likely to get out and about. Most of us are familiar with the same routine in the winter – once it’s dark at 4-5 pm, we want to curl up in a ball on the couch in front of the tv with some snacks. Our bodies are quite literally wired to rest when it’s dark, and be active in the daylight, meaning in Winter we are much less active.

Once summer hits, we find that as the light doesn’t fade until 10pm, we have so many more extra hours in the day to get things done.

We’re more likely to go on walks in the evening, and go away on a weekend with the warmer weather. All this extra activity clocks up a lot of extra movement, burning more calories and helping you lose weight.

2. Improved Mood

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In winter, with the sun setting much earlier, people can feel down. In fact, a portion of the population actually experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). These people experience depression and sadness – usually during Autumn and Winter. However, even if you don’t experience symptoms to this severity, most people feel less productive and down in the winter.

As I mentioned earlier, we are designed to be active in the daylight. With so much more darkness in winter as well as the cold, people can struggle mentally. As a result, they are less inclined to get out walking or exercise. They are less likely to be active on the weekends and can be more likely to emotional eat.

In the summer we have the opposite. The boost in daylight and warmer temperatures gives us a great mood boost. We are happier. And the happier we are the more productive we feel. We are also less likely to emotional eat.

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3. Reduced Appetite

With the warmer temperatures, many of us experience a drop in appetite. Especially during heatwaves. Ireland experienced a heat wave last week with temperatures soaring to an unusual 31-33°C. Were you hungry during this period? Chances are you didn’t have a large appetite.

Why does the heat reduce our appetite?

Fresh Cucumber salad

Well one reason is, that during warmer temperatures our body focuses on keeping us cool. The action of eating actually creates heat in our bodies. In order to reduce it’s workload, the body will suppress appetite.

Even if you do want food, the chances are the type of food you want to consume will change. We tend to want lighter meals in the summer (such as salads). Again, this is to help our bodies keep us cool! Lighter meals generally equals fewer calories.

We digest food slower

We also tend to digest food slower in the warm weather. This keeps us fuller for longer, also reducing our appetite.

4. We Drink More Water

drink water, summer weight loss tips

Our bodies can lose over 2 litres of sweat a day in Summer. We tend to crave fluids rather than food in the warmer months and this can of course help with our weight loss (as long as we stick to water and not sugary drinks).

As we know, water is calorie-free. It keeps us full which suppresses appetite, and if drank before meals, it stops us eating too much.

5. Take Away Message – How to lose weight in summer fast?

Remember, just because it’s summer does not mean that the pounds will magically disappear and you’ll hit your target without lifting a finger. The truth is, you still have to put some effort in. Make the effort to be more active and spend your days keeping busy. Make sure to prepare healthy light meals. Make sure to drink water. This is the time to get into the right headspace and put the work in. In summer especially, you will be rewarded for your efforts!

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