When it suits You



Your workplace may not be on your list of the most likely places to find weight-loss success. After all, donuts and birthday cakes appear year round, co-workers keep confectionery on their desks, and the vending machine is so convenient when a craving strikes. But maybe the workplace should be on your list? Jenny will come to you on a weekly basis and provide you with the motivation and support to make healthier lifestyle choices.


Incorporate health and wellbeing into your working environment.

Are you too busy after work with homework, dinner and afterschool activities to attend a meeting?

Would you like to slot your weightloss meeting into your working day?

Would your company benefit from a more health conscious workforce?

My @Work programme is just what you need.

What is the Fee?
€60 per participant for six week session. Optional starter pack available.
How many do we need?
A minimum of 10 participants is needed to start an @Work group
As an extra little incentive, if numbers exceed 12, I would like to offer the organiser a free place.

How do we pay?
Full payment is required in advance and collected at the first meeting.
Bank transfers, card payments and cash are accepted.

How soon can we start?
As soon as you are ready. You provide a private meeting room, confirm your group, arrange advance payment and I will arrange the rest for you.

What’s included?

  • Personal weightloss progress chart
  • Access to my resource material (downloadable)
  • Specific hints & tips (Videos & document format)
  • Meal Plans
  • Calorie Counted Recipes
  • Structured challenges to help you overcome a weight loss plateau
  • Seasonal helpful Videos
  • Access to an online chat forum with other WeightMatters members
  • Downloadable weekly shopping planner
  • Support from Jenny at all times via several different mediums


To enquire further please email jenny@weightmatters.ie